ofDocsopenframeworks utils ofSystemUtils.h
#pragma once
#include "ofConstants.h"

/// \class ofFileDialogResult
/// \brief file dialog box selection or save result
class ofFileDialogResult{
		/// \return the name of the selected file or directory, if set
		/// currently returns only 1 file, this may change in the future
		std::string getName();
		/// \return the full path of the selected file or directory, if set
		std::string getPath();
		std::string filePath; ///< full path to selected file or directory
		std::string fileName; ///< selected file or directory name
		bool bSuccess; ///< true if the dialog action was successful, aka file select not cancel

/// \brief show an error message in an alert dialog box
void ofSystemAlertDialog(std::string errorMessage);

/// \brief show a file load dialog box
/// \param windowTitle optional window title string, ie. "Load background image"
/// \param bFolderSelection set to true to allow folder selection
/// \param defaultPath optional default directory path to start the dialog in, ie. ofFilePath::getUserHomeDir()
/// \return dialog result with selection (if any)
ofFileDialogResult ofSystemLoadDialog(std::string windowTitle="", bool bFolderSelection = false, std::string defaultPath="");

/// \brief show a file save dialog box
/// \param defaultName suggested filename to start dialog, ie "screenshot.png"
/// \param messageName descriptive text for the save action, ie. "Saving screenshot as"
/// \return dialog result with selection (if any)
ofFileDialogResult ofSystemSaveDialog(std::string defaultName, std::string messageName);

/// \brief show a text entry dialog box
/// \param question descriptive text for the text entry, ie. "What's your favorite color?"
/// \param text optional default text entry string, ie. "blue"
std::string ofSystemTextBoxDialog(std::string question, std::string text="");