ofDocs is an alternative documentation, examples and code browser for openFrameworks, which mirrors a list of files and folders into a website using Nuxt and Vue. Currently it is set up to serve documentation from ofSite, READMEs and code from the openFrameworks repository, and optionally user-installed addons.

When running ofDocs locally, changes to markdown files can be made from within the app and viewed instantly. A static version can be also generated using Nuxt. The structure of files and folders will are parsed into HTML and JSON that can be hosted on a standard LAMP server, or on Github Pages:

View ofDocs (static)

View Github


cd openFrameworks
git clone https://github.com/openframeworks/ofSite # documentation
git clone https://github.com/autr/ofDocs

Install Node and yarn, then run:

yarn install

Running development server

yarn run dev

Generate static website

ofDocs is currently dependent on a future release of Nuxt, which is included at the /nuxt.js root. To install the dependencies:

cd nuxt.js
yarn install
yarn run build
cd ../

And to generate a static version of the website into the docs folder (used by Github Pages):

yarn run generate

Github pages

By default Github Pages resolves to a /ofDocs domain path, which will break the Nuxt routing. This can be cicumvented by giving the Github Page a domain name, ie. ofdocs.autr.tv


All files and directories used by ofDocs can be set from within docs.config.js. By default only openFrameworks core addons will be listed, but can be changed to include all addons by swapping the ofCoreAddons variable for allAddons.